we take responsibilty.

We as designers think, that it is not enough anymore to just design products these days, like we did over the past decades and years. Things have changed and we asked ourselves what positive things we can contribute to our future. We are at a time when we have to take responsibility for our developments and their consequences. That's why we want to create meaningful products and visions that considerate the well-being of people and nature, yet are inspiring and make our world a little bit more beautiful.

we have to act.

It´s our goal to start exactly here, to think ahead and to create visions that will enable us to have a pleasant and exciting future, which will benefit our environment and thus also us humans. In history of mankind there have always been great shifts, which let us left old, familiar behind and showed us new ways, which finally led us to progress. We are currently in such a time of changes again and we're letting our brain cells run hot to steer this change in the right direction.

The prominent discussions of the significant climate changes in the past and upcoming decades may feel like an annoying buzzword of our times. People know that we face a difficult and unpleasant future if we do not change anything and slowly begin to question their own behavior, that of industry and politics. Systems, services and products also contribute to this change and therefore need to be re-thought. 



every day.

the good



We trust that we have always found right and suitable solutions for specific circumstances and problems. We as creative people are not only able to visualize these prospects, but also to transfer them into reality together with various actors from different disciplines. We only have to pull on the same rope and be open to those new and undisovered paths. 

we can do


We're not starting now. We did that years ago. We see it as our task to achieve these goals through an extended specialization of product development and storytelling, which takes care of exactly these circumstances and brings like-minded people together, but also convinces and inspires new collaborators. This is the only way to ensure a bright future for all of us.

get in


with us.

Der/Die/Das Teekanne war sowohl beim Auftraggeber als auch bei den Endkunden ausgesprochen beliebt. Dieses Projekt war das Ergebnis vieler Stunden Brainstorming, des Entwerfens und der Entwicklung verschiedener Designmuster, bis ich schließlich dieses schöne und praktische Endprodukt erschuf. Setzen Sie sich mit mir in Verbindung und erfahren Sie, was ich für Sie erschaffen kann.