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my journey.

longlasting & visionary 

Our job is to do what really matters. I put all my passion into something that creates value, sense for nature and people and their wellbeing.


As creative peope, We are continuously engaged with all the developments that surround us and in which we even participate. Whether social, technology or design trends. We filter and sort. What is relevant, what is not? Which of these has a future and seems sensible? 

I am constantly developing new visions and concrete solutions for circumstances and problems that have not yet been solved. I visualize these ideas and thoughts to help, inspire and make our world a little more positive and better.

I am



specialized on.



product and transportation visions and solutions.

I focus on the most important part to find intelligent, bold and clear solutions for the future, the design process. With an interdisciplinary and high approach to design and sustainability, I believe in going beyond standardized creative processes. I don't always have the master plan for every project, but I am willing to push boundaries to achieve the best possible results. Today's world in particular always demands new ideas and solutions. I am happy to face these challenges.

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